Problem with creating new user in 6.1 Orange PI PC2

I just updated my OpiPC2 to 6.1,

[ INFO ] Current Version : 6.1
[ INFO ] Server Version  : 6.1

and as usual I created my user using adduser and added it to the sudo groups.

After that I can’t use any of the dietpi-* apps, as it seems it can’t find them.

apoc@DietPi:~$ sudo dietpi-software
sudo: dietpi-software: command not found

If I log as root they are available as usual. If i try using the dietpi user they also work, so I think it must be some error on my part when creating my user.

root@DietPi:~# dietpi-
dietpi-autostart      dietpi-cleaner        dietpi-drive_manager  dietpi-letsencrypt    dietpi-process_tool   dietpi-sync
dietpi-backup         dietpi-config         dietpi-justboom       dietpi-logclear       dietpi-services       dietpi-update
dietpi-bugreport      dietpi-cron           dietpi-launcher       dietpi-morsecode      dietpi-software

Can anyone help me?

Hi Apoc,

I see, yes we moved our software aliases from /etc/bash.bashrc to /DietPi/dietpi/func/dietpi-globals, introduced with DietPi v6.0.

These globals are sourced at /root/.bashrc which is copied to dietpi users home directory as well during system preparation.

So to allow access to them, as well as the new global variables and functions G_ and get the login banner, do:
sudo cp /root/.bashrc ~/

But thanks for sharing this issue. Maybe we find a good way to automatically grant access to these for all new (at least sudo capable) users.
I created an issue on gitub:

# adduser username

# usermod -aG sudo username

I add a user to my linux builds so I don’t have to run as root all the time

I also

# passwd

to change the default dietpi password

Thanks! It works now.