Problem in changing files

Hi. I used dietpi for orange pi win. I want to change the variables in config.txt file. I change it and save it but when I reboot orange pi, changes are reset and file does not change. It is true for all file not only config file!
How can I solve this problem?
thank you

If you edit the config files under /DietPi (not under /boot) changes will be saved.

The file you are editing is on a ramdisk hence changes are saved to the ramdisk and therefore lost when you power off.


Oh,yes. It’s right. but how about /boot/armbianEnv.txt? Where could I edit and save the changes?

Sorry just left home for a few days and can’t access my Orange PI - hopefully someone else can help.

Or maybe take the SD card out and edit the file on another Linux machine?


Thank you for your answer. I edit it and it changed, but I have some problems to enable uarts! It is really painful for me!!