probably a silly mistake

I’ve got my nextcloud pi setup and running static ip local only, but wanted to relocate and change from wifi to lan. So I shut it down, relocated it, plugged the lan cable in, then ssh in over wifi switched lan on, it selected used dietpi-config to set it and only on lan, hit ok and it has disappeared, the nextcloud app can’t find it on - ping fails, the router thinks it’s on but ping fails there, I then plugged hdmi and usb keyboard in - but there is no signal, I have made the mistake of pulling the plug on a pi before and corrupting the sd card.

I have calendar, reminders and address book syncing as well as nextcloud and it has taken me a week to get it working - can’t face doing it again - help.

Why can’t the pi see I have plugged a hdmi and usb keyboard in ???

Try a reboot one more time