Prevent HDD to shutdown when rebooting

Hey everybody

I’m using a RPi 4 with two external HDD - one 2.5 usb powered and since a week one 3.5 with external power supply.
However, I’m having some issue with the fact that whenever I need to reboot my system, the 3.5 HDD will shutdown and won’t power up until I click on the power button again.

Is there any way to prevent that from happening?


There is a power button on the case/adapter for the HDD?
I use an adapter with a toggle switch, so when it receives power it will be powered on, no matter what the RPi does.

There is a power button yes
the case is like this one

I don’t understand why it powers off when the Pi shuts down as it has its own power source, but I’m new to this realm so here to learn :student:

I think it’s a feature from the case itself, when the stop signal is send the case cut’s the power.
Inateck has also cases with toggle switches