Possible to add a boot delay? Odroid n2+

Hi I have DietPi running on the odroid n2+ with an external hdd connected to it but it spins up too slow at a restart to be recognized.

I get ± the following error:

Starting USB
bus [nameof]: REgister …
starting the controller
scanning bus [nameof] for devices … Device not ready
request sense returned 02 04 01

and then the boot process just halts there and doesn’t complete it.

I think this should be fixable with a small boot delay because I can get it mounted when the odriod is fully booted.

How/where would I add this delay? I know how to do it on a rpi but not on an odriod device.

Thanks in advance!

I have the exact same issue… It won’t boot if the external HDD is connected, i need to power off, disconnect the external HDD, power on, wait a few seconds and re-plug the HDD, every time i want to perform a reboot.

After some research, i came across a threat on wiki.Odroid that mentions this, i believe it could be linked to an older version of the boot loader. Haven’t had time to try it out though but here’s a link:


Update version from 20201020 is uploaded. The firmware can be updated in the Petitboot itself by running the command ‘pb-update’, or you can download firmware file from spiboot-20201020.img and copy it to your SD card as spiboot.img.

What’s improved:

  • HDMI black issue is improved for certain display devices, internal bug of the Petitboot is fixed.

  • Boot failure when a certain USB storage is attached is improved.

  • SD card boot failure is fixed after rebooting on ODROID-N2Plus.

Little update: so I have upgraded petitboot to the newest version but this did not seem to help at all.

Anyone from the dietpi team here that could tell me how I can add a boot delay on the odriod n2+ please?

Thanks in advance!

I think the Odroid images use u-boot.
On u-boot you have some options to add a delay

Unfortunately I have no personal experience with u-boot and can not assist you further, but some other users may can.

Highly appreciate this Jappe. Will have a look into this! if anybody else has any experience with this tho. Please let me know as I am not too comfortable with odriod devices(it was on my closet for over 1 year since I discovered android TV).

Btw Jappe do you know in wich file I should add the CONFIG_BOOTDELAY=… ?

Should I add a line to “dietpi.txt” or rather “config-6.0.13-meson64”

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure, maybe in /boot/armbianEnv.txt?

Quick update, Just flashed CoreElec on another SD card, and Odroid boots fine with external HDD plugged in.

Definitely something on the software side of DietPi, also something strange happened today…

My router updated itself and DietPi lost internet connection… Had to unplug my Odroid from power source and reconnect again, it still wouldn’t connect to internet … Tried this 3 times ( each time panicking i would corrupt my SD card installation) after the 3rd time I decided to put my CoreElec SD card to debug and see if it would grab internet and it did. I power off my Odroid plugged in my Dietpi SD card and booted again, this time it connected to internet with no issues…
This was a strange occurrence, but I though I would share my experience.

Looks like CoreElec uses petitboot and not u-boot, which handles the boot process differently and which could be the reason your HDD is working with it.

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Our recent Odroid N2 images support petitboot. So you can switch the toggle from MMC to SPI and see whether this helps.

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