Populating dietpi.txt on DietPi for VMware

Has anyone done this? With my actual Pis, I just fill out this file, pop it on the SD card and boot the pi so that its on the right static IP and installs any software I want. Anyone got a creative way to put this inside the VMDK without needing to install a bunch of other utils to crack open the VMDK and inject the files? What would be really great is for dietPi to offer an ovf, with ovf properties that could be read in during deployment of the OVF. Anyone got anything like that? I could start working on one if not.


many thanks for your request. Currently this feature is not available and not offered by default.

Are there any plans to expand functionality in the future? Will this feature be developed?

well DietPi is providing the ready to use vmdk disks. Theoretically you would need to mount the disk on a different linux system. Than you might be able to manage the dietpi.txt file