Plex media scan running too hot


I have installed Plex Media Server on my Sparky SBC / Allo USBridge using dietpi-software tool and it worked like a charm: installation, initial setup, everything. However, as soon as I have added my musical library to Plex and started scanning it, in just 5 minutes CPU temperature jumped to 70C, according to ‘cpu’ tool:

Temperature | Warning: 70’c : 158’f | Reducing the life of your device.

I have cancelled Plex media scan operation but what can I try next? I read that CPU temperature readings on the Sparky can be unreliable and often exaggerated. However, I do not want to risk killing my CPU. Is there a simple way to throttle CPU temporarily when overheating? I do not mind if the initial media scan takes much longer.


Heatsink, active cooling

I have an Orange Pi PC, even after kicking max CPU way down…I would run at 50C, w/ a heatsink epoxied on the CPU and a small 5vdc 40mm fan…now even at max CPU on all cores…only gets up to 29C

Any Sparky compatible heatsink / fan models, anyone? I have searched Amazon and I cannot find a single reference. support also was not helpful so far…

I can’t either…maybe find one on thingiverse or yeggi for 3D printing

Hmm, I just checked the survey benchmarks:
Even after an (indeed short) full CPU load test, the temperatures never went up tp 70°. But 5 uploads is also not very much :wink:. At least it shows the the temperature estimation generally works. But to be sure, check back your output from time to time, that it does not stay fixed exactly on 70°, which would mean estimation does not work correctly.

To check running processes and CPU usage: htop

Generally 70° is not a really big issue. It is not ideal when being constantly that high, but it will not kill your CPU. If the temperature raises over a certain hard coded maximum, the CPU will be throttled down automatically to avoid overheating.

Interesting indeed that does not sell any heat sink and fan :thinking:. Okay a small heat sink it mounted by default, but a larger one for heavy usage and/or optional fan would be great…

Actually, CPU temperature has only spiked above 70 degrees once, during the initial Plex library scan. It was going over ~15,000 audio tracks stored on a NFS-mounted volume, so I guess network file access added to the CPU load quite a bit. I have moved my collection to a directly attached SSD (via USB3.0 port) since then and now temperature fluctuates between 60C and 65C at high CPU loads (e.g. during library rescanning) but most of the time it stays at 58C. I did some research myself and figured those numbers are actually reasonably close to expectation and nothing to worry about.

I am actually surprised how well Plex Media Server has been doing on this board. I was expecting kind of abysmal performance but in fact it is quite usable. Music playback is perfectly smooth and apart from a slight sluggishness during library browsing it works as good as my desktop installation on a Core i7 CPU with 16GB of RAM.


Yeah 58°C idle temperature is quite a bid high but not dangerous. On survey page the 5 examples have idle temps between 46 and 55°C.

Do you have a case for the SBC (possibly holding the heat a bid) or is it located in a cupboard/box or something? That would explain the slight difference. Or is it simply summer or usual tropical hight temperature at your location?

Great that Plex works well. Yeah I mean the Sparky SBC is made for media/HiFi playback so it would be quite a deal breaker if the software would not run well then :smiley:.