Please update Deluge to 2.0.3

is it possible to update Deluge to recent version like 2.0.3?

1.3.15 seems a bit outdated…

Thanks and best regards


Many thanks for your message. I guess this will answer your question

Just an idea/suggestion to indirect solve the issue.

Use docker with a deluge image/container.

I run a deluge docker container in a NanoPi NEO2 with
1-bay NAS kit, not over DietPi but an OMV, that I said ‘an
ideea/suggestion’, for over two years without any problem.

And, because DietPi have the option to install Docker
through the ‘dietpi-software’ you just have to find a Deluge
image with a more recent version.

I think it’s worth a try … is on my list but with low priority
since my above configuration works.
I don’t want to fix something that it works :grinning:

It works, at some level. (Frankly speaking, for me it doesn’t work yet).

What image do you recommend?

Trackers reject the client because of ‘weird’ version Deluge advertises itself to the tracker (like from linuxserver/deluge - 2.0.3-2201906121747ubuntu18.04.1-ls75). It should advertise as 2.0.3 which is whitelisted on the allowed clients list.