Pinebook Pro install from MicroSD. Slow/no boot

Hello DietPi community (first post).

The title explains it all. I was wondering how long booting from a Sandisk microSD should take? It has been about 40 minutes now and all that has happened is a continuous blinking of the power LED.

I downloaded the file provided from the front page that’s for the Pinebook Pro and I used dd command and related options to write the .img file to the card.

I don’t have a Pinebook but it looks your system is not booting at all. Try a different SD card or a different way to flash the SD.

Tried using Etcher on two different SDs but no boot on either. This might be something I should go to Pinebook forums for as I think it’s a hardware problem rather than anything to do with DietPi

Unfortunately, without error message it’s nearly impossible to assist further.

What kind of SD (manufacturer), what program did you use to put the image on the SD?