Pikrellcam with Nginx?


I’m happy with DietPi and would like to suggest pikrellcam because I think it’s more stable than the other surveillance solutions. Motion Detection has a tendency to crash, hence I would like to test this solution on da Pi.



cd /home/pi
git clone https://github.com/billw2/pikrellcam.git
cd pikrellcam


Thank you for your time.


I would like to state, that I tried DietPi with RPi Cam Web Interface, though an older version from your repo, it works ok but it tends to crash the motion detection in that version. I could not find a way to update it through the script provided from the dev, so I’m stuck on a compiled version of DietPi. I do not know if an update would fix the detection issue? The Pikrellcam solution seems to be very stable from what I have seen, so I would like to install it and test it on the DietPi software installer, otherwise i would have to go solo on a clean distro.

I also tried the MotionEyeOs on a stand alone distribution, which has the same problem as RPi Cam Web Interface, the Motion Detection tend to crash. RPi Cam Web Interface is more stable though, so I would stick with that if I had the opportunity to update inside DietPi. I have a strong feeling, and from what I have seen on other sites, that the PiKrellCam is the most stable of them all. It also has an editor for masks I presume.

Do you think that PiKrellCam has a place in the software installer?