PiHole - 503 Error


Attempted to replace my Raspbian Lite setup with DietPi last night to reduce some unnecessary clutter on my Pi. I currently run PlexPy and PiHole, hoping to add PiVPN. Anyways, DietPi seems to be doing something weird with PiHole.

Fresh image of DietPi, run all updates and rebooted. Changed it to headless, change password, etc. and made my way to the DietPi optimized software list. Now, I wanted to install just install PiHole first to make sure it worked. It finished the setup, and worked fine! Until rebooting, which results in a 503 Error whenever vistting the admin page. Doing PiHole -r to repair the install fixes it… until another reboot. Still being only mildly experienced with linux, I’m not sure where I should be looking, but it seems like the default PiHole installation is broken for now.