Pi4 USB NVMe unsafed shutdowns

I have an nvme in a USB case on the raspberry pi 4, and every time I do a reboot, the unsafe shutdowns counter goes up.

Is there an option to restart the operating system correctly?

sudo reboot or sudo init 6 not shutting down the SSD properly.

Using reboot command is a standard/common way on Linux. Where do you see this counter going up?

sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda

found a couple of similar reports around the web. Maybe a normal behaviour of Raspberry SBC??

Yes I started the thread on computerbase. :sweat_smile:

No, unsafe shutdowns do not physically damage an SSD

power - Can “unsafe shutdowns” physically damage an SSD? - Super User

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do you have an active USB hub? Maybe you could try to connect your NVMe to the USB hub instead directly to your SBC. Just as in idea.