PC build: improve idle power consumption?

I’m trying to setup an Apollo Lake based Intel x86 PC as a low-powered and low-maintenance NAS/Plex server. Since the server is going to run 24/7 but won’t be really used throughout the day, I’m aiming for the lowest possible idle power consumption.

Problem is, I can get idle power consumption under Windows 10 easily down to around 2,5W on this machine - but all Linux distress I’ve tested so far won’t go below 3,8 or 4,0W in idle state.

Is there a way to further tweak DietPi to somehow get down to similar consumption-level as in Windows 10?


Check dietpi-config > Performance options. To see if various CPU govs/frequencies are supported.

If not, I believe this is a lack of kernel support for the CPU, and, it will simply run at max clocks.

You could try installing a bleeding edge (potentially unstable) Kernel version:

apt-cache search linux-image | grep amd64