OrangePi old images

Please can you upload all latest OrangePI images? You made lot of work with that. And lot of people want have chance to download last version of your miracle OS :slight_smile: thank you!!!

They cannot submit orange pi armbian based images…

Don’t ask…google it, they are out there

thank you so much for info…
if someone have last version of orange pi dietpi images at mega or gdrive please send me link * [removed by k-plan]
(at least orangepi zero 512 and orangepi one will be fine too) <3
thank you very much :slight_smile: !!!

Come on, please @Fourdee be upright with his word, NOT to do, fund or allow this.
You have to respect it, like he always keep one’s ears open for DietPi user.

It’s simple undesirable. It is, like it is form now on.

Any further discussion here can NOT or will change this! Sorry.