Orange Pi Zero v6.1

This has been running for over four days mining Monero (cpuminer-multi) on three cores - earlier versions of DietPi and Armbian would crash after one or two days of doing this. Not that I am expecting to make more than 1c a week from this, it is more of a system stress test than anything :slight_smile:

Wifi not working but I’m sure this will come.


IME the Orange Pi Zero WiFi is very flakey. I’ll only use the wired network on these boards.

Might limit max CPU down a bit for more stability

I limited my Orange Pi PC down to 912mhz (prevents the voltage kickup on the processor from what I read) on all cores to run my nextcloud…even with 100% useage and running hard updating database and generating thumbnails, it is completely stable…

Now over 5 days uptime runinng 100% on 3 cores - not throttling on DietPi v6.1 - much better than previously on v159.

With the downturn in crytptocurrency I’m now losing about 1c a week :wink: