Orange Pi Zero setup and running - not

The Orange Pi Zero - finally got my hands on one - and while setting up headlessly with hardware Internet proved fine, wireless has proven hopeless.

I had several attempts, flashing an SD and filling in the details in the text file to set up the WIFI - no. Eventually I booted into the machine using hardwired Ethernet and went through the WIFI settings in dietpi-config - at one point it found the WIFI - but next time I went in the settings were gone - when I eventually got the settings running, it was fine until reboot and would not start up in WIFI again. This is using the internal wifi on the board so it’s not some flakey plug-in WIFI adaptor. WIRED - fine, reliable - WIRELESS - no - and I do test lots of boards both wired and wifi. I have the aerial plugged in.

Something wrong there.

Hi Peter,

We use ARMbian to build this image. This includes the kernel, firmware and modules used by the board and therefor, onboard WiFi.

I did find issues with onboard WiFi during my tests aswell, please try this workaround and let us know if it resolves:
Copy and paste all into terminal/ssh.