Orange pi 5 does not boot after swap added

Orange pi 5 does not boot after swap is added. Used dietpi tool to add 4GB swap. I see it was added, however, system does not start after reboot. Please advise

Do you get any monitor output, or at best have a serial console to get logs from? Otherwise impossible to say whether the swap file is even related at all or the boot issue has a different reason.

Generally a swap space is enabled by the init system, so HDMI output should be there already there. It is furthermore unlikely since a swap space is only used when RAM is full already, which is practically impossible during boot where an Orange Pi 5 has at least 4 GiB RAM.

So when investigating, do not assume that the swap space is the issue, but go through all possible reasons which could affect proper boot (or what appears to be a boot issue), including PSU/power cable, attached peripherals (especially USB devices), check LED signals, whether the device shows up as DHCP client (in case you use DHCP), test with another monitor and all such.