Optimizing Squeezelite’s Volume Control

Generally, with DACs, it is recommend to directly connect the Squeezelite volume control to the hardware control of the DAC (in my case a IQaduIO DAC+). With the standard setting Squeezelite has a software volume control and a fixed hardware volume on the DAC – but this does not improve the audio quality.

It is possible to connect the volume control for Squeezelite directly to the DAC by adding the following Start Parameters:

-o [Soundcard] -V Digital

“Digital” is the DAC’s mixer device.

What do I need to edit to add the above parameters?

I have installed Sqeezelite with Dietpi, but I do not know where the script is, the one which autostarts Squeezelite. I would like to edit it and change the command which starts Squeezelite, more or less like below:

/usr/bin/squeezelite -o sysdefault:CARD=IQaudIODAC -V Digital -s [IP.Number.LMS]


SystemD service is located here:

nano /etc/systemd/system/squeezelite.service

Once changes are made to the command line options, reload systemD and restart service with:

systemctl daemon-reload
dietpi-services restart

SqueezeLite will use the default soundcard on system, if /etc/asound.conf matches the DAC (will do if sound card was set in dietpi-config), you may be able to simply use -V Digital

I added -V Digital and it works!
Many many thanks :wink:

I suggest to add this advice in the description of Squeezelite here:
So everybody can benefit.

Excellent, great to hear.

I’ve updated the doc with info for service/command line options. Thanks :slight_smile: