OPi zero+2 boot-loop

I got a new OPi zero plus two H5, that I’m trying to get to work with the dietpi image (DietPi_v6.0_OPiZero2H5-ARMv8-Stretch)
I can boot it up just fine with the debian image on orange pi’s own website.
However, when trying armbian or dietpi, the booting process reaches “starting kernel”, and then reboots.
(I can’t seem to attach a screenshot, so here’s a link to it:
Since I can boot the image from orange pi’s own website, I presume the problem isn’t the card or the psu (card is a samsung class 10 card that checks out fine with h2testw, and the psu is rated for 2.4A).

Any help?

They don’t support Orange Pi anymore

You can find your Orange/Banana/Nano Pi images all arround internet.

Just use webs to check old versions of the web and download.


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