OPi PC - error 100 while installing Squeezelite

Fresh installation on OPi PC.
Selected Squeezebox and Squeezelite in dietpi-software for installation.

Apt-get has failed:                                                │
│  - Apt string = squeezelite                                        │
│  - Error code = 100                                                │
│  - Software Title = SqueezeLite: audio player for lms & squeezebox │
│                                                                    │
│ Please report this issue to DietPi so it can be investigated.      │
│                                                                    │
│ DietPi-Software will now exit.

I proceeded with

apt-get -f install

and then successfully reinstalled squeezelite.
I’m not sure whether all this is worth reporting, but since the above instructions told me to do it, I did it :wink:

Thanks for the report.

Yep, looks like it was an issue with packages on your system at the time of installation.
Could be anything from package dependencies to conflicts. Usually happens in rare cases, all depends on which software/packages are currently installed on system, can affect further installations.

apt-get install -f for the win :slight_smile:

I’m not sure it happens only in rare cases: it’s aòready happened to me twice, and both times when installing Squeezebox+Squeezelite on an OrangePi PC.
Maybe there’s something wrong with the OPi PC image?
Not that it’s such a big problem, since it’s so easy to fix, but newbie users might get a bad (and wrong) impression of DietPi if they encounter this situation as soon as they start fiddling with it. Just my .02, of course.

Yep, I’ll take a look.

Is this on a fresh install of OPi PC, and only selecting Squeezelite for installation?

Yes, fresh install. I’m not sure I only selected squeezelite, I think I might have selected squeezebox at the same time.

Thanks. I’ll take a look tomorrow, see if we can replicate:https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/736

Fixed for v143, thanks for reporting it!

That’s great! Always glad when I can be helpful!