openvmtools (for helping to run dietpi in a VMware VM's setup smoothly)

Can openvmtools be added? Lately, I have fallen in love with running dietpi inside VMware’s VM. (it works for both VMware Workstation 15.5 and ESXi 7.0 host)

The native CD-method of VMware Tools installation is tedious. (and steps-heavy)

The other alternative is using open-vm-tools, which I current do via apt-get. (I found that if I have very little memory given to a VM (say, < 200M), it took forever to do the list download steps; I need to stop the VM, give it 1G of RAM, then it goes smoothly, then I can switch down the memory given to the VM again.)
apt-get install open-vm-tools

VMtools help to make life easier to see the IP information at the host level, also help shutdown/restart.

I would like to request open-vm-tools be added as one of the dietpi-software. Thanks.