Open Beta v8.1 | Please help testing and hardening the upcoming release

Find all info and how to apply on GitHub:

Many thanks to all testers :slight_smile:.

Installed the new Odroid N2 image on my N2+.

Finally!!! The 1st time it started and installed Dietpi without constant reboots. AWESOME. I have had shelved this board for more than a year now since I got it because it never worked.
Running fine now so far.

Great, many thanks for testing. Please report back if you face any other issue with this image, or missing a feature. Not sure whether you use HDMI CEC e.g. which may not be supported. Sadly I have no CEC capable HDMI device to test :roll_eyes:.

Not using HDMI (just external display on 1st setup), which was working.
Bought it to be a Plex/Emby server (as it never worked I bought a high end zotac in the meantime but it’s great to have this as a fallback).

DietPi v8.1 has been released:

Many thanks to all testers :heart: