Only Way to Install Deluge 1.3.15?

Isn’t really an issue or problem this time, just looking for a bit of advice & a measure of feasibility.

Until recently I used to run a Deluge v1.3.15 server, quite happily if I might add. Unfortunately I had a to format & lost that installation.
Up till now I’d been using this post from askUbuntu

As luck would have it, it does not work with Debain 11. With Python2 being phased out & repository changes, & a whole mess of dependency issues, after many, many futile attempts, I’ve given up on getting it to work.
But, the aforementioned method still works on Debian 10.

So my idea is to install an older build of dietpi, based of Debain 10, install deluge v1.3.15 & subsequently upgrade to the latest release. Once I’m there, I’ll restore a system image or dietpi-backup from my current system so theoretically I’ll have a functionally identical setup as to before, but now with a previous version of Deluge.

Will this work? I guess I’m mostly worried about package versions mismatching now that I’ve installed a previous version of Deluge, but as far as I could see, this shouldn’t be a problem.
Any thoughts? Advice? Encouragement, would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. I’ve tried my best to make do with Deluge 2.XX, unfortunately it’s just not ideal, otherwise I wouldn’t be going to such lengths.

Using dietpi-backup will restore your entire system and downgrade your whole system to the point where you created the backup. This includes the core system.

Oh no no, I’ll be making a backup of my current Debian 11 system (Excluding/Uninstalling Deluge 2.XX) & restoring said backup.

But this way you will restore old libraries as well and remove the one not being part of the backup. I don’t think this is going to work this way

Hmm that’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out, you’re saying if I purge python2 from my system, make a backup, install python2 & restore, it’ll be removed?
There isn’t a way to carry over any changes?

Yes, the system will be restored to the same status as it was the moment you did the backup. Our backup script is based on rsync. And a restore always means a full restore. If you need specific files/folders, you would need to restore them manually.

Ahhhh I see, then you’re right, this idea won’t quite work out.
Do you possibly have anything in mind, I’m pretty much out of ideas at this point.

get a 2nd RPi to host your Deluge 1.3.15

:rofl: I do admire your dedication to help out here.
But such coincidences are often rare, that’s also me posting on Reddit should someone have a found a way to do it.

Alas, No dice, perhaps you’re right after all.

I know that it was your post. Maybe I should have given some more words why I was posting the link. Basically you got a similar answer, to host a 2nd device for Deluge only.