one system with two accounts

May i ask a question that emerged in my project setting.
I have set up a cool system of nextcloud in a Pi3+ that is accessible from outside of the local network. It is great and i would like thank all contributors.
I would like to ask however is it possible to set up two different accounts for nextcloud with individual settings, storage and files on one running system OR it is necessary to use two different mashine with two different system with two different copy of nexcloud. Plus i would like to know how to access two different nextcloud account either on one system or two different system, if both are in the same LAN having the same public IP address with appropriate port forwarding.


just for my understanding. Do you really need two different NectCloud installations? Usually you could setup 2 users inside NextCloud. Every user will have their own location/space and is not able to see data from the other user.

thank you. I have tried and yes it works that way.