ODROID XU4 | LXDE | Mouse cursor 'stuck' and flashing


Apologies if I have missed anything similar: I have searched this site and used Google but haven’t found an answer.

I have installed DietPi on an Odroid Xu4 SBC. All is well until I attempt to use the LXDE desktop: when I click on an icon (desktop or toolbar) the cursor changes to an arrow AND a rotating circle and sits there flashing; it can’t be moved. There is a lot of lag on the cursor in any case.

This happens with various mice, so it’s not that.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Thank you,


Thanks for your report and sorry for the late reply.

Do you use a Jessie or Stretch image?
This happened on a fresh install of DietPi?

Also could you try to gather some log entries. Not sure where LXDE logs to, but what should work is:

  • Boot into console
  • from console run: startx
  • Replicate the issue with stuck and flashing cursor
  • Logout from desktop (via keyboard, if cursor does not work)
  • And then check the console output, copy&paste or send a picture from the console outputs to upload here.

I will link you issue to GitHub and hope Fourdee has some idea or can try to replicate.


Alas, I gave up and went with a completely different distribution.