Odroid XU4 cashes using file manager

Hi everyone,

my Odroid XU4 crashes while using the file manager (trying to access a folder, e.g. odroid). I am using an EMMC and everything seems to work, except of the file manager. In this case, i get a spinning wheel and the Desktop Environment seems to crash (LXDE), but everything else is still responding via SSH, Plex Server still running etc.

Does this might be an EMMC issue? I reinstalled DietPi 3 times and the problem still remains. Any idea why? Ohhh… i am also using a Cloudshell 2 and DietPi ist up-to-date!

I think it unlikley to be an eMMC problem but you could eliminate this possibility by trying an SD card install. I’ve had two eMMCs fail, so have given up on them, but Odroid tell me the failure rate is very low. They offer next to no warranty on eMMCs, four weeks or something, poor given how expensive they are.


The EMMC does work with Ubuntu Mate, but i thought it might be a compatibility problem with DietPi. I‘ll give it a try with SD. My overall „Odroid“-Experience is quiete disappaointing so far.

Raspberry Pi 3 is way more stable… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Autologin doesn‘t work too (LXDE). MATE desktop is also not working (black screen and spinning wheel). All desktop environments do not seem to work properly :frowning: If i have time, i will try with a SD card… this annoys me so bad. :cry:

I experienced the same issue with Mate black screen and spinning wheel.

By the way Kodi keeps crashing also.

Will it be fixed?

Hey… good news, i discovered an article with a solution. Fourdee posted somewhere a workaround. This seems to be a xorg issue. With the new update to DietPi v6.19.5 the autologin works too - no need to start manually with „startx“ in the terminal. So mate desktop is finally working for me…

You need to delete xorg config file (/etc/X11/xorg.conf)! But i read that this is not working together with Kodi, because KODI is creating a new file or something like that. Sorry, can‘t find the link anymore.