Hi there!

I was wondering if there was a Dietpi image working for ODROID-XU ?

Did try to use the ODROID-XU4 one but it did not even boot…Should I edit something in boot.ini ?

Otherwise, is there any chance I find a compatible image?


First of all, the DietPi Image works out of the box with the XU4 or HC1.

Two possible problems, when it does nothing:

  1. SD-card is faulty (error corrections loops runs and runs and runs) (so take a good card, sandisk as example)
  2. Perhaps the transfer to the SD-Card is gone faulty, check it with the odroid version of windiskimager (if you do it on windows),
    on the Hardkernel page is a download for a odroid version of windiskimage.

When point 1 and 2 are clear, you should have no problems.

Are you saying that the XU4 image works “out of the box” for the XU or for the XU4? Mine is a XU (considered obsolete, but still powerfull - was sold 160$ in 2013/2014 IIRC) ?

SD Card seems ok since I was able to boot a Debian Jessie on it. I think I would need to edit XU4 boot.ini file to work with the XU (since the architecture looks similar), but don’t know where to start.

o… i don’t look in detail, i thought you are talkig about the XU4,
but they are so similar to each other, i thought the most different is the GPU,
there i would start my search for errors. As i do not know if the XU4 image support the
Power VR series 5XT SGX544 GPU.