Odroid UX4 - Cloudshell I

Hello, newbie & new to the forum.

I’m kinda late, I know. Can I still use Diet-Pi Cloudshell? I have a Odroid ux4 and cloudshell I’ve never used.
Thank you for any assistance you can give me. My regards.



not sure why you are late :smiley:

You simply can activate Cloudshell as follow

dietpi-autostart 5

Hello, lol

Late as in…

UX4 / Cloudshell has never been used.
So late, that Cloudshell is obsolete and no longer sold.

Thankfully, DietPi has come to the rescue, I hope.

Thank you Joulinar for your assistance. I’ll be back with lots of questions, I’m sure.

Fell free to ask questions on this board or open issues on GitHub.