Odroid N2L for Dietpi

Any news about this model ? I am planning to purchase one but not sure if i can install dietpi or not ?

At the moment we don’t have the capacity to create images for Orange Pi.

Let me link a related GitHub issue Image | Orange Pi Zero2 · Issue #4309 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

It’s Odroid N2L not orange pi :slight_smile:

Ah sorry my fault. Was not ready whole stuff. Should not have done this between Santa and dinner :sweat_smile:

OK I doubt our N2(+) image will boot on that device because of a statement I found at Hardkernel web site ODROID-N2L with 4GByte RAM – ODROID

OS images and CAUTION

Because the DRAM chip was changed from DDR4 to LPDDR4, the existing OS image for N2/N2+ will NOT boot on N2L.

It is necessary to modify the boot loader files at a minimum.

Yes that’s the reason why I want to double check before I purchase , Someone purchased this device on reddit but not much information .

Meveric offers an N2L Debian image based on mainline kernel and mainline U-Boot, which looks great and should work fine as a basis for dietpi-installer: