Odroid C2 v159 to x86_64 v6.0 -- Question

Hi, I’m currently using my Odroid C2 as a DietPi FTP server but plan to use an upcoming v6.0 x86_64 release to make use of my Zotac ND22. The C2 will be used for LibreELEC. Since I’ve backed up v159 on the Odroid C2, will I be able to restore my settings using an x86_64 v6.0 (160) release?

Will this be possible?

Not a good idea as you’d be restoring a Debian Jessie backup over the new Debian Stretch version so defeats the purpose of upgrading and good chance of stuffing things up. Also the hardware is different so not advisable for another reason.

If you manually backup individual config files for lighttpd and samba for example this should be OK.