ODROID C2 USB/SD driver and lib issues?

All, I’m running latest version (8.4.2) after dietpi-update and have a couple issues. I don’t have access to USB or SD storage via LXQt and I am missing library files for Java: Can’t load library: /usr/lib/jvm/java-17-openjdk-arm64/lib/libawt_xawt.so

I’ve tried to manually update javca but no luck, it still skips that library. I was hoping to add the library off a USB but none of my storage ports are working. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

did you tried to add a 2nd USB device to your C2? Might be similar to this case

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I did, unfortunately it is not helping.

Ok, figured out the USB issue, needed to install an exFAT driver in order to mount them. The Java issue is still a mystery, the install script in Dietpi seems to install the headless version regardless and this is not a headless setup.

Which exFAT driver did your install? Was a reboot recommended after the DietPi update and did you follow it in case? With recent kernel, exFAT is a kernel driver, so after kernel upgrades, a reboot is required to have it loaded.

dietpi-drive_manager should install required drivers automatically and also inform you of a reboot is required after kernel upgrade, so that the kernel module can be detected/loaded correctly.

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I’m not sure which driver it was specifically, I didn’t take notes. For some reason, drive manager wouldn’t recognize the drives without the driver installed so I guess it didn’t see them to install. After several more tries, it seems that java has been installed with the correct libraries as well. IDK why but this has been a real pain to work with, it’s taken 4 hours of fiddling to get everything working.

At least the drive needs to be visibly by the system itself. Something like lsblk or blkid should show it. Otherwise no chance for dietpi-drive_manager to detect it. Unfortunately we don’t know what the status was before and what solved it :roll_eyes: