Odroid C2 - problem installing Squeezeboxserver

I get the following message when i want to install Squeezebox server:

Apt-get has failed: │

  • Apt string = zlib1g-dev libjpeg-dev libpng-dev libjpeg62-turbo-dev
  • Error code = 100 │
  • Software Title = SqueezeBox: logitech media server (lms) │

Please report this issue to DietPi so it can be investigated. │

DietPi-Software will now exit.

Can this be fixed?
I need the mediaserver, or can i install it on a different way?


Thanks for the report. We’ve had another user report this also, but I was unable to replicate on a fresh install.

We’ll need some additional information on your system. Please can you send us a bug report:

Thanks, I have followed your instructions, so there mus be a bugreport send to you.

Reference CODE: f1ac5977-f26c-45f4-9eff-668573de4827-0

I hope you can find the problem soon.


We’ll get it sorted. May be a day or two with xmas/new years period still in full swing :slight_smile: