Odroid C2 or Raspi 4 for Plex, pi.hole and Unify controller

Hi there,
I am currently running one Raspberry Pi2 for pi.hole, one Raspberry Pi 3 for Unify controller and 1 Odroid C2 for Plex.
I now would like to consolidate those three pieces of hardware to one single piece.

This single one should run Plex Media Server (data itself being held on a Synology NAS), pi.hole und Ubiquitis Unify controller software.

I would use a HomeSpot Raspberry Pi 3 3A/5V power supply and a SanDisk SDSQUAR-128G-GN6MA Ultra 128GB microSDXC SD card in an Anidees Aluminium Pi Case.

The question for me now is: should I go for a Raspberry Pi 4 OR an Odroid C2? Which would provide enough computing power for the tasks at hand? Which one would be better when it comes to power consumption/enery saving?

Any ideas welcome.


Both should provide similar sufficient performance, however RPi4 comes with well updated kernel and Raspbian Buster based image while Odroids are from our side currently available with Stretch only and stick with an older kernel, but it’s 64bit ARM.

But I cannot say something about power consumption in practice, just know that RPi needs an active cooling or a full covering passive cooling at least, so power consumption is significantly higher than RPi3.