Odroid C2 freezing up after "reboot" command.

When I run reboot, it shuts down all of my services and closes my SSH connection – but never actually reboots the system. This is a new problem after 6.8 or 6.9 (6.7 used to reboot just fine.) Anyone know which logs or steps I can take to try and troubleshoot?

Still happening after 6.11. I tried the reboot -f command it the behavior was the same but it complained that no file was specified. I found that confusing as everything I’ve found says that the -f arg should indicate force?

Anyway – very irritating as there are some dietpi utilities that automatically reboot and when I’m accessing remotely it freezes everything up until I can do a hard power cycle.

Any other ideas?


did you find any solution to this problem? I have same on my 3 Odroid C2 machines.
As a temporary solution I use Sonoff Power socket to hardware reboot computers via
power cycle, but i would like to meke “reboot” command working again…