Odroid C2 dont restart after installing software

I have a massive problem with DietPi on my Odroid C2

After installing Software via dietpi-software when the C2 restarts automatically the screen stays black and nothing happens
Network is also not reachable
I do a new install now 3 x
I use an 32GB EMMC modul and an external USB Harddisk
I installled following additional software:


nothing else

can anybody help me ?

Hi Perlian,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues.

Please can you try the following:

  • Write a fresh DietPi C2 image to your EMMC
  • Remove the USB drive from the device for this test
  • Power on with the fresh DietPi C2 image on EMMC
  • Complete the same installation of software you selected before (Webmin Nextcloud Samba MC)
  • See if the issue reoccurs

Failing that, let us know the following:

  • PSU used (eg: Official Odroid 5v/2A)
  • USB drive used (eg: WD elements 500GB 2.5 inch)


… and what eMMC Module do you use? Samsung, Toshiba or Sandisk?

Note 2:
Black eMMC module is made with Samsung eMMC chipset.
Red/Blue(normal) eMMC module is made with Sandisk or Toshiba chipset.
C1/C0/C1+/C2 works with Black and Red eMMC modules.
XU4/XU3/U3/X2/U2 do NOT work with Black eMMC module.

Have you tested, if a installation on a MicroSD card (e.g. SanDisk Extreme) will work better?

have an EMMC module with red PCB and a black chip on it
Is that the wrong type ?
used it before with a Odroid XU4 with no problems

Cant understand why the problems first appear after successful basic install

whatever I try a new install with a normal SD Card now

with an SD Card everything seems to work fine …until now

external USB harddisk is connected and mounted WD (myBook 500GB)

Red PCB is for XU3/4 board. Black is for C1/C2 boards.

Black PCB does not work with XU3/4, could be the same for Red PCB with C1/C2: http://www.hardkernel.com/main/products/prdt_info.php?g_code=G145628174287