Odroid C1+ lag issue

I updated to the newest.
I can add that i changed usb drive to 2TB new external drive (with own powersuplly) , updated dietpi , and this problem started.
Is this could be HHD problem connected ? its Seagate Expansion 2TB

Generally it got crazy…:

Transmission is very slow (it reach 70% of speed - like it was limited) then it drop to 0, then speed up and again drop it to 0…
SSH terminal lag when i type in it.
Loading take much longer, after reeboot.
System freeze often.
The CPU is max even when idle = strange…and hot

proftp.transmission.kodi - installed


Hi Marg,

Lets check whats using up the CPU time, can you please run this command, then take a picture:


Also, can you please send us a bug report so we can check system configuration and settings:

Hi mate.

Transmission is overtaking CPU.

After few reboots - everything working fine now (!?)

I think i need upgrade to C2.
For now we can delete topic.