NUC7PJYH speed frozen at 1.5GHz

Hi all
I have installed the x64 UEFI image on a NUC7PJYH and then added Roon Server. So far so good. Everything seems to work.
Next I looked at the processor (Pentium Silver J5005) information with the cpu command. The output of the command was as follows:

DietPi CPU Info
Use dietpi-config to change CPU / performance options

Architecture | x86_64
Temp | 47’c : 116’f | Optimal temperature.
Governor | performance

Current Freq Min Freq Max Freq
CPU0 | 1501 MHz 1501 MHz 1501 MHz
CPU1 | 1501 MHz 1501 MHz 1501 MHz
CPU2 | 1501 MHz 1501 MHz 1501 MHz
CPU3 | 1501 MHz 1501 MHz 1501 MHz

[ INFO ] DietPi-CPU_info | CPU current frequency, may be affected by this script, due to the processing required to run it.

The Intel Pentium Silver J5005’s frequency is specified as 1.5GHz, Turbo as 2.8GHz. However dietpi lists the maximum frequency as 1.5GHz.

Am I missing something here?

I am not sure if turbo clocks are (always) listed as max clocks. My guess is max is non-turbo max, min the throttled down clocks when ondemand or conservative governor is chosen.

You could try running some heave task, CPU bench or what and check the clocks meanwhile. Maybe then you will see the turbo clock.

If you really never see turbo clock, please try the following to remove governor+min/max clocks setting from DietPi boot script. At least this is the only thing I found, where we touch CPU behaviour, so worth trying:

sed -i 's|/DietPi/dietpi/func/dietpi-set_cpu &|#/DietPi/dietpi/func/dietpi-set_cpu &|' /DietPi/dietpi/boot

No CPU related settings from dietpi-config will be applied then, so it runs with default values/settings.

If this does not work either, you can undo the step via:

sed -i 's|#/DietPi/dietpi/func/dietpi-set_cpu &|/DietPi/dietpi/func/dietpi-set_cpu &|' /DietPi/dietpi/boot

Note to self: Add options to leave hardware with default values, allow disabling CPU/Overclocking/LED_settings and such in dietpi-config to skip related skript execution completely and use system defaults.

Thanks, MichaIng
Unfortunately no change with our command line. After entering the command, I did the following:

Run dietpi-config / Tools / Stress Test for 60s
The temp rose to 86 Deg C

I do not know how to monitor the CPU frequency while running the test.
After the test I did (following another thread in this forum)

root@DietPi:~# cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/stats/time_in_state
and got the following result

1501000 568918
1500000 1
1400000 2
1300000 5
1200000 3
1100000 2
1000000 1
900000 6
800000 1

If I interpret the output correctly, it looks like the Stress Test ran at 1.5GHz

To check clocks during test, you can use a second terminal or second SSH session and run cpu command there. But your cat looks like indeed it ran on 1500 MHz.

Did you do reboot after applying the command? Forgot to mention that explicitly.

86 degree with non-turbo clock is already really high. Not sure about defaults of this device but I would deny to start turbo when this temps were already reached. Maybe insufficient cooling leads to turbo prevention/break :thinking:.

Did the turbo clock apply in the past with different OS?

This time I rebooted after removing governor+min/max clocks setting from DietPi boot script.
Then I ran the CPU stress test and watched the CPU frequency using a second SSH session. The CPU frequency remained at 1-5GHz. I guess I will simply leave it at this, as the NUC does not show any signs of being underpowered in operation.

Thanks for a great piece of software, Dan!