Notifications regarding thread updates?

I found a few things but they don’t seem to function as expected…trying something different now :smiley:

Please disregard this post, I’ll delete it if I find the answer.


I expected that the forum would sign me up for notifications for any updates to threads I have posted in. I don’t see a setting for that and I don’t see the right button to click to check if any of the threads I posted in have been updated.

Sure, now that I’m posting this question I see a check box at the bottom of the page “Notify me when a reply is posted,” so is there a way to set this feature on globally?



notification options can be adjusted inside your user profile. See picture below

Thanks. Indeed I saw that and the right boxes are checked. It did not work until I clicked the boxes in the options tab below the window as I’m posting.

strange, probably you could submit the user preference again :thinking:

It seems I should click the box at post time and then I get notifications for the thread.

The global setting doesn’t work as expected. I’m fine now, thanks for the help :slight_smile: