nordvpn not installing

Greetings, everyone. First, thank you for the developers and contributors for such a fine piece of software. I don’t think anyone can count the hours that have been spent on it. The integration between pieces has been amazingly smooth.

But… I think I have an anomaly. I am running the latest install from two days ago. I ticked nordvpn on the install screen, it appears to go through the install, I reboot, it gives the message to
- NordVPN status : DietPi-NordVPN is not configured! Please run: “dietpi-nordvpn”,
but I can not bring up the dietpi-nordvpn config utility. It doesn’t show in the dietpi- list, and find / -name nord* returns nothing.

Any ideas?


Of course find / -name nord* didn’t work… duh.
find / -name dietpi-nord* returned
so a little tweak to the install script may be in order.



there is a challenge with the alias atm. However using /boot/dietpi/misc/dietpi-nordvpn should give the config screen.

Thank you, Joulinar that’s the ticket. My apologies for wrong title. Cheers!

the direct command dietpi-nordvpn should get available as soon as you have configured NordVPN first time. At least that’s how understood the developer. See GitHub

That’s what I was expecting. All other programs functioned that way.

The behaviour of the alias will change on next version 6.35 and it will be available right for the beginning.