NordVPN enabled = no access to samba etc.

I am unable to access a samba share or webgui (syncthing, transmission) when NordVPN is enabled. Access is possible when the VPN is disabled.
SSH access is possible in both conditions.

RPI 3B - Dietpi V7.5


did you activated killswitch? If I’m not mistaken we explisitly allow SSH connection only once killswitch has been activated.

I did activate the killswitch, but the issue isn’t with SSH. SSH is working perfectly.

The problem is with access to transmission and syncthing webgui, and access via the samba server to a folder on a usb stick. Accessing the webgui & server isn’t possible until I disable the VPN.

Well I did not told that SSH is having issues, as it is the service we allow only :wink:
Therefore it’s working

The challenge is, that our killswitch is blocking all other access. Just have a look to this forum post