Noob Question: Bullseye image?

Hi there,

Finallay upgrading form Buster, but there’s some software that I use that’s not yet supported in Bookworm.

Where can I find the lastest Bullseye image to download and flash to my SD card? It looks like the one on the download page is Bookworm.

Many thanks

Yes new images are bookworm based images. Older images might be available at Index of /downloads/images

Thanks for the prompt reply.

As a non technical Noob I’m not sure which image I need. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 and will be prepping the SD card on my Mac.

Is DietPi_Container-ARMv6-Bullseye.img.xz the one I need?

Many thanks

Better to use one having RPi within it’s name :wink:

a-ha… Oh course. Doh!

Thanks again