Non working Bluetooth in Orange Pi Zero 2+ H3

Hello forum,

Trying to get bluetooth LE to work on Opi02+H3 and no joy. The same code works flawlessly on same dietpi version using a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a RPi3B+. It even works with the OPi02+H3 when I use a separate dongle and disable the onboard bluetooth. Looks like the driver for the onboard bluetooth of the Orange Pi Zero 2+ H3 does not work correctly. Has anyone tried the bluetooth on this device?

It is easily simulated without using any software of mine. Even the standard tools do not work. If you connect with the command:

gettool -b [address of bluetooth LE device] -I

then do a connect command by typing


at the prompt, you will see that a disconnect happens whenever you try to do any other another command. I am SSH’d into the OPi02+H3 so I dont believe it is a serial port interaction issue. I have not tried any other AP6212A devices but I assume they will all fail with the same problem.

Please fix this!! Dietpi-ians or Armbians. I am making a bluetooth to wifi bridge for IOT devices and would like to have a simple single board solution. Worst case I’ll just use Raspberries I suppose.