NoMachine install - binary missing on server

I was about to install NoMachine using dietpi-software today but it seems that the neccesary binary is missing on DietPi’s server:

 [Info] Testing connection to
 [Info] Max duration of 20 seconds, please wait...
 [Failed] Connection test | An issue has occured

What we have is instead:

nomachine_5.1.44_1_amd64.deb	24-Sep-2016 12:39	36M	 
nomachine_5.1.44_3_armv6hf.deb	24-Sep-2016 12:39	34M	 
nomachine_5.1.44_armhf.deb	24-Sep-2016 12:39	32M

Fourdee, can you rename the file on server so that it matches install script? Thanks!

A quick-fix was to mod my dietpi-software and change the line with filename. I’m no good at Git though, otherwise I’d have committed it. :roll_eyes:


Many thanks for reporting this. I’ve updated the correct URL, will be fixed for v144 release. Great spot! :slight_smile: