node-red service fails status=217/USER

just installed Dietpi on Odriod HC2 to try out urbackup and node red. Urbackup is working fine but the node red service does not start. Failure status is 217/user and it turns the user nodered the service is supposed to run as does not exist. I did see a message flash by during the install about the group “gpio” not existing so perhaps that caused the adduser to fail.

if anyone could advise the manual commands to complete the install, that would be appreciated, I was only able to find this in the install scripts “chown -R nodered:nodered $G_FP_DIETPI_USERDATA/node-red”. I assume there will be a command to create the user and add it it to specific groups as well.


Found the answer myself down the end of this post regarding a different known issue :

Node-RED: Pre-installed modules cannot be updated via webUI #2073

mkdir -p $G_FP_DIETPI_USERDATA/node-red
usercmd=‘useradd -rMU’
getent passwd nodered &> /dev/null && usercmd=‘usermod’
$usercmd -d $G_FP_DIETPI_USERDATA/node-red -s $(command -v nologin) nodered
getent group gpio &> /dev/null && usermod -aG gpio nodered
echo ‘nodered ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL’ > /etc/sudoers.d/nodered
chown -R nodered:nodered $G_FP_DIETPI_USERDATA/node-red

In my case the ‘mkdir’ and ‘echo’ commands weren’t needed as they succeeded during the initial install attempt.