no sound in dietpi-----update

I solved the problem by reinstall dietpi images.
but now I encounter another one: the video played well with sounds in chromium, but there is still no sound in firefox…
anyone has any idea?

Hi guys I encountered a problem when I use dietpi. the situation is :

I install mate as my desktop environment. when I login in as root,I can watch videos and the sound plays well. However when I login in as dietpi,the video can still play but there is no sound.

my device is an intel nuc used the image [native_PC uefi x86_64]. My sound card is [intel-sst-dsp-eq]. I installed the drivers in dietpi-config and the alsa&EQ in dietpi-justboom.

I googled it and tried some solutions such as add the dietpi to group ‘sound’ in /etc/group and reintstall the drivers but it didn’t work.

Is there any idea what I can do?

thanks for your help.

To play audio, add the user do audio group:
usermod -aG audio dietpi

Probably this solves Firefox sound as well.

thank you for your reply. I tried this, and all the apps play sound well except firefox-esr now.

I ran firefox-esr in terminal, and play a video in firefox, the terminal gives back as below:

[Child 8055, MediaPlayback #3] WARNING: 7fbdce617cc0 OpenCubeb() failed to init cubeb: file /build/firefox-esr-L21rmf/firefox-esr-68.10.0esr/dom/media/AudioStream.cpp, line 382
[Child 8055, MediaPlayback #3] WARNING: Decoder=7fbde1b7a600 [OnMediaSinkAudioError]: file /build/firefox-esr-L21rmf/firefox-esr-68.10.0esr/dom/media/MediaDecoderStateMachine.cpp, line 3639

I googled it and supposed that it’s not a bug of dietpi, it may be a bug of firefox?

thank you for your help. as it’s not a fatal thing for me because I can use chromium instead, so it will be acceptable.