No server available for plexmediaserver

Hi Guys,

First of all I would like to really thank the developers of Dietpi, I am very new to linux and was reluctant of getting a SBC for the same reason. But I was intrigued by the possibility of using SBC as my permanent mediaserver by using Plex and also as a cloud service through nextcloud. Thorough my initial research, I found dietpi and was amazed at what all it could do and it was a perfect OS for my needs.

I am using Odroid XU4 and using dietpi as my OS. I followed the software installation from the dietpi-software to install plexmediaserver and few others. The problem I am facing is that after successful installation of plexmediaserver I am not able to get SERVER option in the settings and hence not able to link my videos to it. I have un-installed and re-installed plexmediaserver few times from the dietpi-software console but the problem continues to stay.

Could you please help out on how I could fix this issue.

Thank you

Any error messages in /var/log ?

Hi WarHawk,

No there is no error in var/log

If there is something else that I should be doing then please let me know.

The plexmediaserver seams to be running fine, when I input "service plexmediaserver status"it seems to be ok. But still when I go on ipaddress:32400/web the webpage for plex comes up with the sign in process, it then asks me to install a server as no server is available. Even when I enter the USERS section, the server is not listed there.


On mine to get to “Server” settings. Click the tools button up in the top right

Hi WarHawk,

Thanks for replying. The problem was that I was not able to get any server settings as the server was being blocked by my router. I got to the forums in the below link and it seems to be a common problem, PLEX only supports RFC 1918 private LANS and the problem was with my GATEWAY’s IP address.

Anyone with similar problem should check this link out. Chuck does a good job explaining on how to fix it.


Awesome…thanks for the explanation and followup!