No internet access through Tor traffic - Rasp access point

Hi guys,

I have installed diet pi, configure wi fi connection and connected rj45 from router to rasp, executed the comands:

  • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

I have Selected hotspot wi fi and tor hotspot on optimized configuration and installed then.

When i connected to rasp access point and insert the password, the status of connection is no internet access. So i can’t navigate in internet. If i install Just the wi fi Hotspot, the connection is ok.

Somebody already had the same issue ? Can help me?

Thanks and Sorry my english

Do you have DNS server/default gateway setup correctly?


A similar issue was reported on GitHub

Maybe you can have a look if it fits. If yes, there might be a fix within the next release.

I am experiencing this same problem exactly in 6.32.2