No HDMI output after last update to 6.34.3

I had performed update to 6.34 yesterday . After succesfull update there is no HDMI output at all.
I have tried to adjust config.txt but without success.
tvservice - s report only composite output .
I have tried another SD card with raspbian - works normally
another SD card with fresh DietPi install - works normally

But my original system - just updated 6.34 Dietpi on SSD drive is without any HDMI output . After restore option to previous version of Dietpi no success. HDNMI is dead .

My HW is : Pi 3b+, USB boot from SSD , Dietpi 6.34.

Can you pls navigate me to solution . Could it be bug in update ?
Thanks Tomas

I have issue with last update and USB boot as well
after last update I lost HDMI output at all. My Diatepi runs on SSD. SD works normally. But SSD boot is without HDMI

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