Nginx interface

I already have an installation of nginx, unbound and pi-hole running and I wanted to add a web interface to nginx. I need some help, anyone?
Something like this:

This is an interface of Nginx Proxy Manager. And what exactly is your question? What exactly you like to do? Pls describe your use case more in detail.

I’m trying to install the interface on my Nginx Proxy Manager. Then I’ll add a new proxy host with a SSL certificate, force SSL with DNS Challenge and Let’s Encrypt. Need make a external acess on my self hosted. I’m following a tutorial. I’m new to nginx configuration…

Device model : Native PC (x86_64)
DietPi v8.17.2

not sure if there is a misunderstanding. Nginx Proxy Manager is an own application running within Docker container. It is not an addon interface that can be installed on an already running Nginx web server.

In my case the Nginx install don’t use docker.

There still seems to be a misunderstanding. The Nginx Proxy Manager (NPM) is a completely different application and has nothing to do with the native Nginx you installed to host PiHole. Some manual steps would be required to move the server port 80 of your native Nginx to a different port 8080 and allow NPM to be installed in parallel.

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