Nginx and PHP using without Database?

In the software center I can see different Packages for using a webserver with PHP and a database.

How can I use only Nginx and PHP together? Is there also a stack like the other packages?

Simply select Nginx and PHP as individual software packages. Usually this should not pull a database.

Actually it is hidden from the list in favour of the stacks, something I wanted to chance since a long time. You can use the “Seach” option to find “nginx” and “php”, or install it via CLI:

dietpi-software install 85 89

ID 85 is Nginx, 89 is PHP.

I installed Nginx.

I could not install PHP. Everytime it says that no changes have been detected. Unable to start the installation.

I searched for it in the software center and it also selected LESP & LLSP .

In the whole list I can not find PHP. The list ends at XFCE Power Manager 175.

How to see which PHP version maybe is installed?

On Debian Buster, PHP7.3 will be installed. On Bullseye it will be PHP7.4

To install PHP just run following non command line

dietpi-software install 89

Thanks for that.

It was already installed. :roll_eyes: